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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Chart of Life - Blood Sugar Levels Chart

Glucose, commonly known as blood sugar, is a part of our bloodstream. There are special enzymes in our digestive system that breaks down the carbohydrates into glucose, and the smaller intestine absorbs the glucose, which is then combined into our bloodstream.

The normal range for sugar level is 70mg to 100 mg/dL. It fluctuates a little bit depending upon how much carbohydrates we consumed. In the morning when we wake up it is generally on the lower side. In case the sugar level drops, our liver releases the extra glucose called glycogen, which brings back the sugar level to normal.

Low blood sugar levels charts go below the 70mg value. This causes a condition called Hypoglycemia. When it does, it usually results in weakness, excessive hunger, headache, irritability, fatigue, confusion or sweating. If it drops too low, which is less than 50mg it can even cause a seizure. Thus maintaining the sugar level is essential for a healthy life, and the Blood Sugar Levels Chart is the key.

This Blood Sugar Levels Chart is the standard chart that helps you to keep in check the level of the glucose in your blood.

    It is Normal if the value is between 70 mg and 100 mg.
    Patient is in early stage of diabetes if the values are between 101 mg and 126 mg.
    The diabetes is established if the value is over 126 mg.

High Blood Sugar Levels Chart can be called an extension of the Blood Sugar Levels chart.

    A patient is in pre-diabetes if his values before meal are between 100 mg and 126 mg.
    A patient is in pre-diabetes if his values after meal are between 140 mg 199 mg.
    A patient is having diabetes if his values before meal are over 126 mg.
    A patient is having diabetes if his values after meal are between 200 mg to more than 200 mg.

To maintain the sugar levels, diet plays a significant role. There are special diabetic diets for people suffering from diabetes and they should strictly follow that diet. Physical activity such as jogging will help enable the body to regulate the sugar levels as well.

Glucose is present in our bloodstream, which accounts for the sugar level we see in our blood. The normal range is 70mg to 100mg. If it drops below this range, it is known as Low Blood Sugar Level, and if it is more than this, it is said to be High Blood Sugar Level.

Use the Blood Sugar Levels Chart and the High Blood Sugar Levels Chart mentioned above as a reference and guideline only, and keep going to your doctor for a regular check up for your sugar levels on a regular basis.


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